Lodge Managers Duties

Responsible for total management of lodge for season.

Maintain supply of milk, bread and other perishable foodstuffs as supplied by the lodge for members
and guests.

Direct new arrivals to rooms, explain usage of lodge facilities and outline expected duties, members
and / or guests.

Ensure guests are aware of the duties required to be done while staying at the lodge.

Maintain spa - empty water, chlorinate and clean as necessary (check every day).

Liaise with committee regarding repairs and maintenance items, etc.

Empty monies from public phone when necessary.

Restock kitchen cupboards with staples as required.

Assist in maintaining supply of clean tea towels in kitchen.

Report to Lodge Captain and Committee regarding guest’s and / or member’s misbehavior.

Receive from booking office, and display, bed lists on notice board and make a note of “NO SHOWS”.

On Friday and Sunday nights ensure fire is operable and lounge reception areas are in a reasonable tidy state.

The manager is to be available in the lodge between 8.00 - 10.30pm Friday evening and 6.00 - 8.00pm
Sunday evening for arrival and departure of members / guests.

Be aware of and be able to respond to general enquiries on mountain facilities e.g. hiring equipment,
restaurants, medical services etc.

Ensure that the Lodge Captain receives the club master keys on arrival and ensure they are briefed
regarding fire rules and evacuation procedures in an emergency.

Maintain notice board in an up to date and tidy manner.

No paid maintenance work to be completed without authorisation of the Committee.
This applies to cleaning of the Lodge etc.





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