Lodge House Rules

The following house rules have been designed the help ensure OMSKI members and their guests enjoy their time at the lodge.
Please keep in mind OMSKI is not a hotel, and everyone must take responsibility for themselves, their families and their guests. Please have respect for yourself, for your environment and for others at all times.

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Helpful Hints

Helpful hints to make yours and others stay at omski more comfortable

Please note all members and guests must provide their own linen and towels.

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Lodge Managers Duties

Responsible for total management of lodge for season.

Maintain supply of milk, bread and other perishable foodstuffs as supplied by the lodge for members
and guests.

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Lodge Captains Duties

Be accessible re: general enquiries regarding lodge procedure / duties, maintain information, etc.

Keep an eye out that all is running smoothly and when necessary, politely remind lodge members
and guests of expected behavior and duties required.

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